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What is Dhatoo?

Dhatoo.com - The world's most comprehensive steel and metals community

Welcome to Dhatoo.com - The world's only Web based community dedicated to the Steel and Metals industry. Sign-up and get free access to thousands of businesses and individuals in the Steel and Metals industry. From niche players to industry giants; from producers and manufacturers to importers and agents. Each organization listed on Dhatoo is pre-qualified by our New Registrations team, so your search for a steel or metal product yields only genuine users and your company is displayed only to other genuine users. Dhatoo fetches only business-focused search results - companies that you can directly transact with to grow your business. From pins and nails to pumps and transmission towers, if it's about metals, trust Dhatoo to find it for you. Base metals, Ferro Alloys, minor metals, name it, and you'll find it here. Our advanced indexing algorithms filter-out irrelevant information to present you results targeted at your business needs.